lament, rise & flourish

This moment is not about me, but I believe we are all somewhere in between these three words at the moment and I wanted to spend a moment with you where you are. I might write more about these three words in the future. I am struggling with how to respond to the events of the past few weeks, so I am not going to speak for long. Primarily I am going to point you in some of the directions that have really helped me to put words to some of the anguish I have been feeling. I sense that all of us will be in a similar place at the moment, trying to process and work through how to respond as a church to issues of racial injustice in our communities and further afield. Lots of you will have received list of resources for different reasons, petitions to sign and other things which is so needed, but I am sending you a short list of places I am filling my heart with truth, a list which is provoking questions in me, because I am feeling so overwhelmed by the choice of other places I might turn and activism I might embark on.

God’s Justice NIV Bible – available on

United? We Pray: Taking Racial Struggles to the Throne of Grace

Feet Cry Mercy – Alicia Akins blog who always write with grace and thoughtfulness on issues of culture, empathy and faith.

Online church – Mount Zion church Quarriers Village

The UK blessing video

The Grove Podcast – Passion City Church’s women’s ministry podcast which is always full of Bible truth and lifts my heart.

The New Activist podcast

Go well friend. I hope you are choosing life, despite the challenges. Black lives matter.

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