the story begins; make it yourself

I have been writing this story since I could first hold a pen. I know you do it too. I tell myself stories all the time, my running commentary on the events happening around me. It’s 4am. I am dogsitting, housesitting, not in my usual surroundings, without my usual people. Just me and two upsetContinue reading “the story begins; make it yourself”

life didn’t have to be that way

WATCH NOW: Steph Macleod and Teen Challenge Stathclyde on Vimeo I was crippled with fear. I came into Teen Challenge, and I was told that my life didn’t have to be that way, and I was introduced to an amazing man called Jesus Christ. Through the love of God, and the love and support ofContinue reading “life didn’t have to be that way”

some thoughts

Some thoughts as I begin writing my dissertation (a case study on Scotland, asking who is identified as a victim of modern slavery?) Market capitalism keeps many of the world’s poorest people in exploitative circumstances. I have never had to make a choice that impacted my survival. Capitalism means that so many of us areContinue reading “some thoughts”

the Great Veg Grow: getting started

#Lunnsonlockdown What are you doing to stay sane during lockdown? My family and I are growing vegetables. A friend reminded me that it is a luxury to have the space to do this. I am thankful for my family who love me and don’t want to harm me. I have begun growing for multiple reasons,Continue reading “the Great Veg Grow: getting started”

“Not a moment; it’s the movement”

Hamilton, #SlaveFreeLent and the University of Glasgow I started this weekend by listening to Hamilton. This was different than the other times I have listened to Hamilton, because I have spent a lot of my thought life and planning time this week preparing for #SlaveFreeLent and my part in University of Glasgow’s Stand for Freedom,Continue reading ““Not a moment; it’s the movement””